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F(R)EE (solo performance) - koncert v rámci Noci múzeí a galérií

Dátum udalosti: 
20.05.2017 - 18:0019:20
Project F(R)EE 
Music by Daniel GeorgievInclude solo compositions for electric violin with loop - original compositions, real time re composed and performed by Daniel Georgiev, from his artistic period 2012 - 2017 year.
Duration: 77 min.
(without break)
Born in Bulgaria in 1969, Daniel Georgiev start at 4 years old to study  violin.
He is a graduate of the D.Hristov National Music School in Varna and of the P. Vladiguerov State Music Academy where he studied viola with Valentin Gerov.
At 2000 he start to travel in Europe for to perform his own music.
Daniel Georgiev has performed as soloist with many bands in different style of music. He has taken part in concerts for NSO orchestra, Dobrich Kamerata, Shumen Philharmony Kamerata Metronom and also on tour alongside many famouse musicians. Since 2005 he start solo performances - concerts with his own original music, created and played in real time by help of loopers and recorders. His original music take part of for several theater performances and film festivals in different kind of collaborations. His discography include more then ten solo albums few cd singles, different soundtracks for short movies, music for theater, for puppet theater and and also many collaborations in projects with other musicians.

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